IN PHOTOS: Activists brave rain, water cannon and crackdown threat on Bonifacio Day

Photos by Renz Katsuragi

If there was a relevant day as any to resist the Philippine president’s ‘crackdown’ threats on activists or the usual rally ‘maximum tolerance’ display of the police with shields, truncheons and water cannons, that day would be the birth anniversary of the founder of Katipunan, 1896 Philippine revolution hero and should have been honored as the first Philippine president–Andres Bonifacio.

The 300-year penury of the people and the repression by Spanish colonizers were met with revolution by the Katipuneros, led by worker Bonifacio. That is in the blood of the Filipinos. His 154th birth anniversary, much more his untimely death in 1897 in the hands of ilustrados, reminds us of almost as long a time under a new oppressor–once ruled the land and now through its puppets in government.

On a day as today when despotism is foisted as a false solution to the country’s woes, Bonifacio’s birth, life and struggle should remind any tyrant to expect no less than revolution.

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