IN PHOTOS: People’s protests against Trump first visit to PH

Photos by Mel Matthew

Call to #BanTrump. In the afternoon of November 12, activists, workers, urban poor and students from Metro Manila, farmers from Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog and Lumad tribe leaders and school children from various regions in Mindanao marched along T.M Kalaw Avenue in Manila from Plaza Salamanca to hold a protest program near the United States (US) Embassy in Manila, but were stopped on the way by hundreds of police. A brief skirmish ensued as the police did not want to give an inch and started using water cannons on the protesters, while the protesters pushed against the truncheons.

The rally was held to give US President Donald Trump “anything but a warm welcome,” as the protesters noted the first state visit of Trump as “solidifying the Philippine government’s puppetry to its century-old imperialist master.” This, they said, also signified the abandonment of Duterte’s independent foreign policy declarations.

The protesters were eventually able to hold their program at the Plaza Ferguson, still near the US Embassy.

After the protest, groups proceeded to Liwasang Bonifacio and to Mendiola to keep vigil for another protest at 31st Association of South East Asian Nations Summit tomorrow.

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