Suspected intelligence operatives were caught by Manggahan Floodway residents taking photos of protesters at the ‘homeless camp’ in Mendiola this afternoon. The protesters saw these men taking photos of people in the camp for two consecutive days.


The unidentified man in white was spotted taking photos of the anti-Trump and anti-ASEAN protest in the afternoon of November 13. He was seen zooming in on faces of the protesters, while he and his companion were also heard mentioning the affiliations of the protesters or where they last saw them. When confronted, he identified himself as a reporter of ABS-CBN. But he later left and on rode a vehicle with LTFRB [Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board] seal.

The man wearing a helmet also refused to identify himself when residents confronted him after taking photos of the ‘homeless camp’ after the rally culminating the three-day anti-Trump and anti-ASEAN protest in Mendiola today.


He was later taken by cops to a nearby police precinct at the Mendiola Peace Arch.

Balikwas Kadamay slammed the continuing harassment against their ranks. Protesters said they are raising the red alert flag to secure their protest camp. They also vowed to indefinitely continue to demand for decent housing after the #BanTrump campaign.

This day also marked the 20th day of the ‘homeless camp’ in Mendiola. Residents from Manggahan Floodway in Pasig, who lost their homes in the October 18-20 demolition by the local government, sought redress from President Rodrigo Duterte for their eviction and homelesness by building a ‘homeless camp’ in Mendiola on October 25.

This publication sought the LTFRB’s comment on the identity of the men as of this posting.

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