The Chinese New Year celebration in Binondo, Manila, is a festival of sight, sound, and smell. People from all walks of life gathered in the streets to usher in the Year of the Dog. Here are some photos from our young contributors.


The Chinatown arch welcomes families, friends, tourists, and photo enthusiasts to the bustling district in the heart of Manila. Photo by Jovie Geslani.

28217658_1690827727606874_826661274_oUpon entering, visitors are immediately greeted by dancing Chinese Dragons. Photo by Michelle Prestosa.
2-ja-1Everyone always had their phones and cameras ready to document the festive mood. Photo by Joshua Acpal.

3-ja-2Streets in and around Binondo were packed with people. Photo by Joshua Acpal.

4-ja-7Photo by Joshua Acpal.
5-jg-5Photo by Jovie Geslani.
6-jg-4A young boy stands out among his older counterparts. Photo by Jovie Geslani.
7-ja-3Photo by Joshua Acpal.

15-1-lv-2Photo by Lanz Varon.
8-ja-6Photo by Joshua Acpal.

19800101-img_0536-1Photo by Maureen delos Reyes.9-jg-3Young boys parade their makeshift dragon costumes made from apple cartons. Photo by Jovie Geslani.
9-1-lv-5Who says the festivities were only for humans? It is the Year of the Dog, after all. Photo by Lanz Varon.
10-np-4A dancer in a flamboyant number hands a small Chinese envelope to the photographer. Photo by Nell Prepose.
11-rc-3Young boys, taking a break from an afternoon of dance and merrymaking, take their break and willingly smile for the camera. Photo by Zaira Camama.

27-mp-4Photo by Michelle Pedrano.
12-jg-1Cartoon character dog balloons are among the bestsellers. Photo by Jovie Geslani.
13-np-2Photo by Nell Prepose.14-np-1What’s a Chinese New Year celebration without Chinese lanterns? Photo by Nell Prepose.
15-mp-3Of course, the Chinese Dragon completes the festivities. Photo by Michelle Pedrano.
16-ja-5So do food and lucky charms. Photo by Joshua Acpal.
17-jg-2Photo by Jovie Geslani.
18-lv-1Photo by Lanz Varon.
18-1Photo by Zaira Camama.

24-lv-4Photo by Lanz Varon.
25-rc-4Photo by Zaira Camama.
26-lv-6Photo by Lanz Varon.

21-rc-1Photo by Zaira Camama.
19-mp-1Let’s not forget the hardworking people who have made our Chinese New Year celebration possible. Photo by Michelle Pedrano.
20-mp-2Photo by Michelle Pedrano.

19800101-img_0505-1Photo by Maureen delos Reyes.19800101-img_0509-1Photo by Maureen delos Reyes.19800101-img_0518-1Photo by Maureen delos Reyes.
22-ja-4Photo by Joshua Acpal.
23-lv-3Photo by Lanz Varon.
29-mp-5Photo by Michelle Pedrano.

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