IN PHOTOS: #HINDIpendenceDay, Independence Day Protest 2018

A young activist displays a banner protesting China's encroachment in Philippine territory

On the commemoration of 120th Philippine Independence Day, June 12, groups under the patriotic alliance Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) protested against continuing interference of foreign superpowers United States and China in the nation’s affairs. The contingent first trooped to the Chinese embassy in Makati, where they held a brief program denouncing China’s encroachment in Philippine territory.

Under the Duterte administration, China has continued to build structures in the West Philippine Sea, despite the favorable ruling by United Nations (UN) Arbitral Tribunal in 2016. Filipino fishermen complained of the Chinese coast guard taking their catch, exchanging fish for Chinese cigarettes and noodles.

In the afternoon, BAYAN marched towards the U.S. Embassy to protest the superpower’s  dominance in the archipelagic nation. The Duterte upheld its treaties and agreements with the US, amongst these is the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, which allows the construction of structures by the US military in Philippine territory. BAYAN views this as a violation of the country’s sovereignty.

The day was capped of with progressive groups converging at Liwasang Bonifacio.


Despite heavy rain, activists trooped to the Chinese embassy to protest China’s encroachment in Philippine territory. A cardboard mask is worn by an activist depicting President Rodrigo Duterte as a subservient lapdog.
After the protest at the Chinese embassy in Makati, patriotic groups went to the American Embassy.
A Filipino child carries a placard painted with the Chinese flag. Progressive groups protest against Duterte’s subservience to the Asian superpower.
A young activist displays a banner protesting China’s encroachment in Philippine territory
Fisherfolk group PAMALAKAYA hold creative placards depicting chinese missiles with the slogan ‘China,out of the Philippine waters!’
Youth leaders carry a banner with the slogan ‘Down with US Imperialism’.
Danny Fabella, a musician known for his patriotic and pro-people songs, performed at the HINDIpendence Day gathering at the Liwasang Bonifacio. Fabella exposed the government’s failure through satirical lyrics.


Nanette Castillo, mother of victim Aldrin Castillo take to the stage to denounce the government’s policy of extrajudicial killings. Her eldest and only son, Aldrin Castillo, was amongst those killed in Duterte’s war on drugs in October 2017.
Towards the end of the program at Liwasang Bonifacio, the people raised their fists while reciting the ‘Declaration of Hindipendence,’ a vow of vigilance against tyranny.
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